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I'm a Remix finalist! Woot!

2008-02-01 18:56:04 by Pookie-Killed-RayRay

The Finalist for the Third round of the "Take it &
Break it" Remix series have been chosen! 204 remixes were submitted, but only 20 remixes of the highest caliber have been chosen (myself included, woo!^-^).

Go to http://www.remix.celldweller.com/vote.
to see the finalist.

Check the remixes out, and make your vote for who the final three should be. First place gets a featured spot on the Round 3 Remix CD! Voting's totally painless, so please show the remixers some love for their hard work!

Bryan "Deimateos" Jackson

Main Sites:

If you're new to who Celldweller is...You haven't watched Xombie yet (Shame on you!)

I'm a Remix finalist! Woot!


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