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Lol, nice take on it

Oh, Macs and the "crash-in-denial" beachball!
I'm sorry, but for this flash, you are hereby banned from the Mac community!
The PCers can never know!!! :D

Bad done well...

I think what makes this one great is that you know it's bad on purpose, almost challenging you to give a bad score to a mario flash! Well Metaphor128, I accept your challenge!!! Even though this still makes me laugh, I can't back down from the challenge! Have at you! :P

don't let them touch....

Don't listen to the tool bag below, the song is silly fun and that was makes it great.

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Camera makes me want to murder small puppies

Now I can understand the idea of a dynamic camera, it just isn't working so far. It's a bit too spastic right now. It would be better if the camera didn't spaz in and out when enemies get just out of frame and then come back in. Maybe if it held for a second before zooming all the way into the captain. Bottom line: works great for a movie(your madness flash), not quite as much for a game.


That was honestly boring as hell. Except for the rockets, every weapon was inaccurate and did about the same damage. Also, there was no skill involved in playing, just equip rockets, place the cursor over an enemy, walk out out in slo-mo and fire, rinse, repeat.

Awesome stuff

I love the disoreintation effect, it'd make me miss if a new baddie popped up. On aother note, Teabagging's where you dip your balls into a girl's mouth, but I suppose you already found out since my ppgz review!

Wonchop responds:

Yes...I really needed that on my page <_<

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Hehe, you fail

It's not the worst song I've ever heard, and it strangly danceable in it own weird way. Try harder to suck next time! Get WAY off time, it helps!

midimachine responds:

anyone can play off time and out of tune.

it takes a genius like me to create a work of purified shit like this.

Sounds good!*

...however I gotta say, if you did lots of compression and eqing, it doesn't sound like it (especially with the bass). The melody is great though! More so than Pendulum, it makes me think of a mix between Concord Dawn and Black Sun Empire. Keep it up and if you're ever interested in having someone doing track mastering, send me a PM.

axeFX responds:

What I did was multiband compress almost every sound, flattening the harmonics and giving it a very dry sound. This was a test and a fail.

I like

I wanna do a remix of this one actually.

Mad-Muppet responds:

Be my guest! Just don't forget me in the credits, eh? hehe ;) glad you enjoyed the song :D

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