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I've been doing stuff and things (and neglecting this page in the process). Quick question. Is there a way to send notices when people comment? I can't seem to find an option like that (unless it's just one of the secret items, or I have to "approve" comments to get notices)

I'm not dead...

2011-04-27 23:55:13 by Pookie-Killed-RayRay

...just noting the now obvious, I've just been up to junk for 2 years :3
I'm much more active on FB and SC, see what I'm up to there!


Freakin net

2009-03-17 13:09:24 by Pookie-Killed-RayRay

My internet's been down for a couple days and we just got it back up today. I added a school project to celebrate!

...And it's fookin awesome!!! I was worried it might sound like the were trying sound like Pendulum after hearing "Invader's Must Die", but I torrented the album, listened to it and pre-ordered a US copy of that b!tch hastily! Check it out when you get a chance!

Well, I just grabbed some stuffs and junk fer my music, and to celebrate, I made this track "We're Over"!

Enjoy and have a great day!

I'm a Remix finalist! Woot!

2008-02-01 18:56:04 by Pookie-Killed-RayRay

The Finalist for the Third round of the "Take it &
Break it" Remix series have been chosen! 204 remixes were submitted, but only 20 remixes of the highest caliber have been chosen (myself included, woo!^-^).

Go to http://www.remix.celldweller.com/vote.
to see the finalist.

Check the remixes out, and make your vote for who the final three should be. First place gets a featured spot on the Round 3 Remix CD! Voting's totally painless, so please show the remixers some love for their hard work!

Bryan "Deimateos" Jackson

Main Sites:

If you're new to who Celldweller is...You haven't watched Xombie yet (Shame on you!)

I'm a Remix finalist! Woot!


2007-10-23 13:12:45 by Pookie-Killed-RayRay

Check out my "Switchback remix" at Remix Competition
it's "Deimateos - Electrofunk Edit", thanks!